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What do I need to consider before I purchase an eBook?

When deciding which etailer to purchase your eBook from, remember to read their recommendations regarding the best devices, ereaders and apps to use when reading their eBooks. In some cases, a device may not be supported and would therefore result in an unpleasant and frustrating user experience. To avoid this, we suggest that you follow the recommendations of the etailer. 

There are usually 4 steps to buying an eBook:

  1. Once-off registration may be required
  2. Install the software you need (registration may be required)
  3. Buy and download the eBook
  4. Transfer/add your eBook to your ereader

Your chosen etailer will have a guide to lead you through the process.  It is also important to note how many times you can download your eBook and on how many devices you can access your eBook.